Anti-Spam SolutionsTake back control of your inbox

Incoming emails filtering

Eliminate spam and viruses from emails before they reach your network.

Outgoing emails filtering

Prevent spam and viruses from leaving your network unknowingly.

Email Archiving

Never lose an email again and ensure email data integrity.


Secure your mailboxes against spam, viruses and malware.

The SolarWinds Spam Experts inbound spam filter is a gateway solution. You can enable it through a simple DNS setting. After the MX records are modified, all incoming emails are first routed through our system, then filtered and redirected to your customers unmodified target mail servers.

It provides initial protection for your email infrastructure and separates legitimate from illegitimate emails through advanced filtering algorithms and spam trend detection methods. It fully protects inboxes with an accuracy rate approaching 100%. End users can manage potentially harmful messages that are placed in the quarantine queue.