In case you have your own IP space, HOSTOWEB offers you the possibility to have it announced from our network. We will announce your IP range to the Internet from our routers, so it can be used with your HOSTOWEB resources.

If you have your own ASN, we can establish a BGP session and peer with you across all our Data Centers.

It can be used with your Racks, dedicated servers, and cloud servers.

Easy process

With HOSTOWEB you can get your new network setup in less than 24 hours.


Provide us with your IP prefixes and your ASN (Autonomous System Number).


We will send you the Letter of Authorization (LoA) for signature.


We will prepare the BGP session, once established your network will be announced.

The best Data Center network in Morocco

HOSTOWEB operates a low latency global network connected directly to TIER 1 providers, allowing you to deploy your service infrastructure close to your customers.

location map


Our ASN is 205897, you can either chose to peer with our Public or Private ASN.
A /24 (which contains 254 usable address of 256 total including the 0 and 255 host addresses).
HOSTOWEB charges a one time setup fee, and a small monthly amount for maintenance. Get in touch with our sales department to get started.
With HOSTOWEB you can use your IP space from Afrinic, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and RIPE.